World Cup 2022: Groups A and B are set for a showdown

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World Cup 2022: Groups A and B are set for a showdown

The madness of the last round of the World Cup starts with today's matches in groups A and B. Due to regularity, group matches will be played at the same time. Group A matches are played at 4 pm, and group B matches at 8 pm.

In these groups, we still don't know the names of the participants in the round of 16, and only Qatar has no chance of placing among the 16 best selections in the world. In group A, the Netherlands - Qatar, and Senegal - Ecuador will meet.

The Dutch and the Ecuadorians are in the best position, considering that they have 4 points each, and Senegal 3, and in essence, a draw is also suitable for them to advance to the knockout stage. The Netherlands will advance to the round of 16 if they do not lose to Qatar The winner of the match Senegal - Ecuador goes to the round of 16 In the event of a draw between Senegal and Ecuador, Ecuador will advance Ecuador and Senegal would advance if they draw on goals and if Qatar beat the Netherlands by two or more goals In Group B, the situation is even more complicated because all four teams have chances for the round of 16 and they are separated by only one point (England 4, Iran 3, USA 2, Wales 1).

USA - Iran, and England - Wales meet. England goes into the round of 16 in every scenario unless they lose to Wales by four or more goals.

USA goes further if Iran wins

Iran advances if they beat the USA, or in the event of a draw with the condition that Wales do not beat England.

Wales needs a four-goal win over England to advance. The Welsh can go to the eighth without a win with such a margin, but in that case, they depend on the meeting between Iran and the USA, where they need a draw.

Schedule of today's matches:

Group A:

  • Senegal v Ecuador,
  • Netherlands v Qatar
Grupa B:
  • Engleska - Vels ,
  • SAD - Iran