Rio Ferdinand on Leo Messi: He’s an alien, he’s different

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Rio Ferdinand on Leo Messi: He’s an alien, he’s different

Leo Messi was great in his team's victory over Poland (2:0). Argentina played the best match so far, and praises came from all sides. Rio Ferdinand is one of those who praised the great Argentinian's games. “He produced a couple of moments where you just go ‘woah’,” Rio Ferdinand said on the BBC.
“He wasn’t even at his best today but the best three or four dribbles in the game were by Messi and the best three or four passes in the game were by Messi and he was the best player in the pitch.
He’s an alien, he’s different, there is no-one like him.
When you watch him live you spend time watching him closely and he looks so disinterested sometimes and then bang, he lights the game up”.

Pablo Zabaleta on Leo Messi

Pablo Zabaleta praised Messi. It is unnecessary to waste words on a player who has excelled for some 15 years. “Messi didn’t score but it was another top-class performance from him,” Zabaleta said.
“You just need to make the run in behind and the ball will go there, in the perfect place”.

Zabaleta thinks this is the best 11. “I think this was Argentina’s best performance so far at the tournament,” he said.
“This is more what we expect from this team before the World Cup. It helps some of those players who didn’t start at the World Cup, like Enzo Fernandez, Julian Alvarez, have been involved in goals which is great to see.
“[Head coach Lionel] Scaloni seems like he has found the best starting XI”.

Alan Shearer believes that Leo Messi is not the same player as he used to be, but still he is key in his team and impressive. “He didn’t produce the goal that we wanted but some of his passes...we have seen his ability to run with the ball.

He’s not as quick as he was but every player looks to him to drag them through matches and he is still capable of that”.