Mikel Arteta after Newcastle game: It was two scandalous penalties

"There were two penalties. It's very simple"

by Sead Dedovic
Mikel Arteta after Newcastle game: It was two scandalous penalties

Mikel Arteta's team failed to defeat Newcastle. The Spaniard was still proud of the team that gave their best. "I’m extremely proud of my players.
The way we played, dominated the game, tried and continued to control the game.

We needed that spark in the final third. We had so many situations. And we had two scandalous penalties.
There were two penalties. It's very simple. I'm talking about what I've seen. It was two scandalous penalties. I'm so proud of the work we have done.
I think we lacked an extra touch or movement to finish these chances in this game."- he said, as quoted by eurosport.com.

Newcastle played a defensive game and did not allow the opposing team to create too many threats to their goal. "Newcastle wanted to set-up like this. It is not the way they play. They have not set-up like this against anyone else.
When you cannot win you cannot lose, and we kept a clean sheet and had a really good performance.

Now we go again. I wanted to win the game are we drew it. We should have done some things better in the final third and we should have had two penalties to win the game."

Garry Neville on Arteta

Garry Neville was not happy with Arteta's statement regarding the penalty.

“If Mikel Arteta had lost a game of football giving away a penalty like this, he would've been absolutely fuming. That's not a penalty. Never in a million years,” he said. Burn challenge was also a topic. “That one he's got a right to be annoyed with.

The problem here is the VAR officials under Howard Webb have been told 'if it's a light touch, don't get involved unless you really have to. They should have got involved here. They are very lucky there Newcastle”.

Mikel Arteta