Al Nassr denied rumors about Cristiano Ronaldo!


Al Nassr denied rumors about Cristiano Ronaldo!

Cristiano Ronaldo and Al Nassr have been the main topic for several weeks. The departure of the great Portuguese to Saudi Arabia caused a large number of reactions around the world. One of the rumors that appeared in the last few days is a rumor about Ronaldo's role, ie that he will be the ambassador for Saudia Arabia hosting the World Cup in 2030.

The leaders of Al Nassr reacted and denied such rumours. “Al Nassr FC would like to clarify that contrary to news reports, Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract with Al Nassr does not entail commitments to any World Cup bids.
His main focus is on Al Nassr and to work with his team-mates to help the club achieve success”.

The new coach of Portugal, Roberto Martinez, will have "sweet troubles" regarding the squad. Ronaldo did not play such an important role with Fernando Santos in the last championship, and many wonder if Martinez will do the same.

“I hope we can sit down with him and create the best team,” said Martinez, as quoted by
“It's a day of great satisfaction, but tomorrow we'll get down to business”.

Roberto Martinez and Portugal

Martinez is aware of the kind of players Portugal has.

He emphasized that a large number of players will get a chance. Whether Ronaldo will be a part of everything remains to be seen. “We're going to start a footballing process to try to get to know all the players that could make it to the national team,” Martinez continued.
“We're going to give all the players an opportunity and respect all those who are already in the national team.

Cristiano is one of them.
I'm delighted to be able to have them by my side. It's a process that we have to face naturally, with responsibility, and we're going to make important decisions for the team”.

Cristiano Ronaldo