Graham Potter: It’s tough to see any light

“We have to make sure we act well going forward but at the moment"

by Sead Dedovic
Graham Potter: It’s tough to see any light

Graham Potter is disappointed with the current situation. His club was defeated in the match against Fulham, and a lot of changes will be needed if they want to be competitive. As Potter himself says, it's hard to see the light, and injuries have ruined a lot of things.

“We have to make sure we act well going forward but at the moment, it’s tough to see any light, it’s tough to see any green shoots because we’re still suffering from defeats,” -Potter said, as quoted by “It’s hard to say that now because of the results we’ve had.

We started the break back and thought about certain things then lost Reece [James], Wesley [Fofana], Raheem [Sterling] and Christian [Pulisic]. So it’s almost like back to the drawing board, that’s how it felt, it felt like taking one step, feel like you’re making progress watching Joao Felix then all of a sudden, ‘whoosh, he’s not here for three matches’.

That’s where we’ve been at the moment. I’m sure our supporters don’t want to hear that, they want to see better results and performances. But that’s the position we’re in, we’re suffering and trying our best to improve it." Potter does not want to make optimistic statements and lie to the fans, but he hopes for changes.

“Again, I can’t sit here and say that things are improving when the results are like they are. What we do know is that we know more about the club, more about the players, a lot more about what we need to get the club back to where it could be, where it should be.

But at the moment, it’s not there. Lots of things have happened over a period of time that manifests itself into the situation”.

Graham Potter on his players

The players are giving their maximum, but that doesn't seem to be enough for what they want.

“Everybody at the club is suffering, is looking for answers, not necessarily looking for someone to blame but looking for a simple answer,” he said. “Obviously, it’s not that simple. The players are supportive, they want to do better and get better results.

We know the challenges we have, we don’t want to use them as an excuse, but they are what they are. The players, even down to 10 men, kept going and the spirit and the attitude was good with 10 men and I don’t think Fulham did that much, that’s why I’m disappointed with the goal and we kept pushing as well”.

Graham Potter