Pep Guardiola: I don’t care about the Premier League or the Carabao Cup

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Pep Guardiola: I don’t care about the Premier League or the Carabao Cup

Manchester City could not beat their biggest rival in the city derby. Pep Guardiola's team gave their best, but United shows that they are a serious team with big goals. Manchester United won 2:1 and the goal-scorers were Jack Grealish on one side, and Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandes on the other.

The Spanish expert praised the opposing team and their transition. “We played really good,” he said, as quoted by ”They are an incredible threat in their transitions, I congratulate the team.

They run behind us and punished us in the transitions”. What many complain about are the referees' reactions, which they believe made a mistake, and that they should have played offside for the first goal. “Rashford was offside, he distracted our 'keeper and distracted our central defenders.

The rule is the rule but I know how we play.
“The second half was really good. We missed a little bit up front, we were a little bit disconnected, but we made a fantastic game”.

Pep Guardiola

Guardiola is not worried about the Premier League and the Cup.

“I don’t care about the Premier League or the Carabao Cup, we cannot win. We have won a lot so it is not a problem. Problem is we have performed like we have done. Today we performed.
We focus on Spurs in a few days”.

Bruno Fernandes is happy with his team's performance, which showed that they can fight for the title. “It was an amazing comeback from the team,” -Bruno Fernandes told BT Sport. “We look like a team now. Some time ago you could see some of us looking a little bit for ourselves, but now you see a proper team that works hard for each other, and it pays”.

“We have to look forward to the next game. If you don't keep winning they’ll go [City will go more points clear]. We’ll celebrate a big win but from tomorrow our focus has to be on the next game."