Carlo Ancelotti: Talking About Sporting Humiliation Seems Disrespectful To Me


Carlo Ancelotti: Talking About Sporting Humiliation Seems Disrespectful To Me

Barcelona players beat Real Madrid 3:1 in the final of the Spanish Super Cup for the 14th time. Barca celebrated in Riyadh at the King Fahd Stadium in front of 60,000 people. Real coach Carlo Ancelotti was disappointed after the game.

"In my mind we don't talk about humiliation, that's a bit too far. Sometimes in sport you win and sometimes you're beaten. We lost a game against Barcelona, like we beat them in LaLiga. They played better and deserved it". "The team is feeling it because we usually win finals, but we've got all we need to improve.

There's no doubt that Real Madrid will always bounce back. It is not a decisive period, but it's a tough and difficult one, just like there usually is during a season. Tough moments occur often and that's why we have to overcome them quickly by showing the same attitude and commitment that we always do".

“We gave away [gifts], it started evenly, there wasn’t much rhythm and avoiding gifts is the first thing but we have given them two. We have to improve our physical condition and play as a team. The mistakes have been definitive.

We were not successful at the start. Nobody played a good match. Talking about sporting humiliation seems disrespectful to me. They’ve been better, period”.

Journalists asked Ancelotti if this 3:0 was a humiliation for Real.

“It’s not a critical moment, it’s a difficult and complicated moment.

It usually happens over the course of a season. You know that from the beginning. It can be fixed with the usual commitment and the usual attitude”. “The team is hurt. A lot, because they usually win the finals. We have all the resources to come back.

Real Madrid returns, there’s no doubt about that”. “We have to pick ourselves up and think about what we’re going to do. We’ll make sure we’re tough and competitive again, but we have to improve defensively. This is where we’re struggling at the moment”.

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