Dejan Kulusevski: Arsenal is not first in the league because of luck

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Dejan Kulusevski: Arsenal is not first in the league because of luck
Dejan Kulusevski: Arsenal is not first in the league because of luck

Arsenal was better in the city derby and deservedly won 0:2. Tottenham player, Dejan Kulusevski, is not satisfied with his team's performance. Kulusevski believes that his team must recover as soon as possible. “It was a bad result, bad first half, but we have to move on.

We cannot go home and be sad. We have another game soon and we just have to recover good. I’m looking forward to Manchester City. We have good memories from playing there. It’s going to be a very difficult game but we have to do everything right.

Like I said, you cannot be sad. You have to move on. Never too high, never too low. We have to prepare, we have to show our character and we’re going to be ready."-Kulusevski said, as quoted by

Dejan Kulusevski on his team

Kulusevski cannot understand why his team sometimes has a hard time winning after conceding a goal first.

However, he is aware of Arsenal's strength and it was difficult to match a tough opponent. “It’s very hard for everybody, but if we don’t start the games better, we’re not going to win, so we have to stop doing that.

I have no idea, honestly. What I see is that when we score first, we win the games and when we don’t, it’s much less per cent (of wins). We’re trying. Nobody wants to concede first but everyone is trying. To find a solution is a little bit harder.

We started good and then they scored a lucky goal and after that we didn’t play good enough. We couldn’t touch them. They’re a really good team, they’re not first in the league because of luck, so it was hard for us to keep the ball, to press them.

But then second half was much better. We couldn’t score, that’s the bad thing, but we created a lot of chances”. - Kulusevski concluded.


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