Juventus new chairman: "We will defend the club without arrogance"


Juventus new chairman: "We will defend the club without arrogance"
Juventus new chairman: "We will defend the club without arrogance"

The new Juventus chairman, Gianluca Ferrero, on the day of the Juventus shareholders' meeting which ratified the club's new Board of Directors, explained how he and the board will defend the club, but doing so without arrogance.

Ferrero told: "Great emotion and great pride. A thought of strong thanks to those who preceded me, with some of whom I spent parts of my life. Thanks to Andrea Agnelli who gave me this beautiful shirt, which I hope to honour.

A first thought to the fans who have always been the strength of the team. I found the fans lost and worried about the future. My idea is to give our best, together with the board of directors we will work to build a future worthy of the past, a past that has made of Juve as the strongest Italian football club.

Challenges await us for which we as Board of Directors believe we have experience, competence and determination, to defend Juventus in all the competent courts, criminal, sporting and civil. We will do so with rigor and also calmness, and without arrogance.

We have always respected those who will have to judge us. But we want equal respect to discuss the motivations of our actions in the competent fora."

New Juventus CEO Scanavino's words

New Juventus CEO Scanavino added: "I will guarantee maximum commitment for Juventus.

I have found highly motivated and capable people. The main objective is to broaden the public of Juventus fans. Young and international targets by leveraging the history of the Juve brand. Next Gen is a strategic project, while sporting goals and ambitions do not change, nor do corporate ones.

This too is part of the history of Juve which has always combined successes on the pitch with financial balance and commercial initiatives for the future." Andrea Agnelli who called the new president of the club Gianluca Ferrero to the stage after the appointment of the Juventus board, giving him the black and white shirt with the number 1 and the name Ferrero together with Pavel Nedved, told: "You will have in me a great fan."