Dutch Football Legend Marc Overmars in Critical Health Condition


Dutch Football Legend Marc Overmars in Critical Health Condition

Dutch football legend, Marc Overmars, is currently in a critical state of health, according to Dutch newspaper "De Telegraaf". The former footballer and current sports director of Royal Antwerp, was admitted to the hospital on December 29, 2020, due to heart problems, but it has now been reported that the situation is far more dire than originally thought.

Heart Problems

De Telegraaf reports that Overmars has suffered irreversible damage to his heart, and it can now pump blood at only 30% of its capacity. At the time of his hospitalization, doctors believed that Overmars had survived a mild heart attack, and Royal Antwerp, where he holds the position of sports director, announced that Overmars was stable and expected to rest.

However, it appears that the situation is much more serious than initially thought.

S*xual Harassment Accusations

In the middle of the year, Overmars left Ajax due to s*xual harassment accusations. In response, he said "Last week, I was confronted with reports about my behavior and how this has come across to others.

Unfortunately, I didn't realize that I was crossing the line with this but that was made clear to me in recent days. I apologize. Certainly, for someone in my position, this behavior is unacceptable. I now see that but it is too late.

I see no other option but to leave Ajax."

The statement from Royal Antwerp regarding Overmars' health read:

"Marc Overmars, director of football affairs at RAFC, became unwell last night and was admitted to hospital with a mild stroke.

Marc is doing well in the meantime but will have to take it easy for a while. Marc and his family focus on his recovery and do not wish to comment further. RAFC wishes Marc a speedy recovery!" Overmars, a former Ajax and Arsenal player, is considered a footballing legend in the Netherlands, having won numerous domestic and international titles during his career.

He was also part of the legendary Dutch team that reached the quarter-finals of the 1998 World Cup. The news of his critical health condition has sent shockwaves throughout the Dutch football community, and many are hoping for a speedy recovery for the former player.