Pep Guardiola revealed what his team lacks


Pep Guardiola revealed what his team lacks

Manchester City had a tough match against Tottenham. Although they were losing 2:0, they showed character and won 4:2 in the end. However, the Spanish expert on the City bench, Pep Guardiola, was not satisfied. His team does not look as good as in previous seasons.

"I cannot deny how happy we are, but we are far away from the team that we were,” -Guardiola said for Sky Sports.
"Not in terms of the play, but there are many things like competitiveness, in terms of what we have to do, many things where we are far away.

There was nothing from the stomach, from the guts, today we were lucky, but if we don’t change then sooner or later we will drop points again”. Guardiola believes that his team lacks passion, and fire. He will have to work hard on it.

"Passion, fire, desire, to win from minute one. The same with the fans. The fans are silent for 45 minutes.
They booed [at half-time] because we were losing, not because we played bad. We played good. We had more chances…they booed because we were losing.

Maybe it’s like our team, we were so comfortable winning four Premier Leagues in five years and that’s why we…after they score a goal we react but that’s not the point”.

Guardiola on the fans

Guardiola confirmed the reporter's indications that the players lack fire.

"Definitely. Otherwise we don’t concede the goals we concede in every single game, we need them”. Arsenal is still at the top of the table. City will have a difficult task until the very end. "It’s my duty, my job, I want my fans back here.

Not the away fans, they are the best, but my fans here. The Premier League doesn’t wait. We have an opponent in Arsenal who have the fire.
I don’t recognise my team, my team always has passion and desire, and everyone runs and everything”.

Pep Guardiola