Jesse Lingard revealed his plans after the end of his career: I want to be an actor


Jesse Lingard revealed his plans after the end of his career: I want to be an actor

Jesse Lingard has had many difficulties in his life. However, nothing could stop him from remaining positive and hoping for the best. Speaking to the Diary of a CEO podcast, Lingard talked about many topics, but his first goal is to be a happy man.

“I just want to be happy and do things that I want to do, to make me happy. ”- Lingard said, as quoted by Lingard surprised many when he revealed his plans after his football career. Jesse wants to become an actor and build himself in a totally different world than football.

“After football I want to go into acting. Maybe start doing a little bit of voiceover work, animation kind of things. But I need to take drama classes - I've not done that yet. I just love films. I've always been a big film lover.

And to be involved in a film or a series would be amazing. I need to really home in on the drama side of things - I'm really bad with lines to be honest. I think I'll start in comedy first. And then when you see the Interstellars and Inceptions - them kind of roles.

But that's going to take time. You're not going to be [cast] straight away. Maybe a bit part. With a media company I've got so many things in the line-up, and obviously it's based in LA, and that's hopefully where eventually, hopefully, I want to finish football”.

Jesse Lingard and alcohol

Jesse had many problems in his career, as we have already said. Family problems were particularly difficult. He looked for a way out in alcohol. “I was drinking before bed, having a nightcap,” he said.

“I look back now and think 'what was I doing that for? But I needed something to try and take the pain away”.