Juventus owner on the penalty: "The injustice of this sentence is evident"

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Juventus owner on the penalty: "The injustice of this sentence is evident"
Juventus owner on the penalty: "The injustice of this sentence is evident"

John Elkann, owner of the Italian Serie A club Juventus FC, in an interview with the Italian newspaper La Stampa and Repubblica, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the death of his grandfather, Giovanni Agnelli, he talked about the 15-point penalty that the club received at due to the ruling on the capital gains issue.

Elkann told: "Juventus is the most loved and followed Italian team: it represents our national soccer. The injustice of this sentence is evident: many have pointed it out, even if they are not black and white, and we will defend ourselves firmly for protect the interests of Juventus fans and all those who love football.

I hope that together with the other teams and the government we can change football in our country, to build a sustainable and ambitious future. Juventus is not the problem, but is and will always be part of the solution. Here the future of Serie A and of Italian soccer is at stake, which is becoming marginal and irrelevant.

In these 100 years of living together we have gone through a period of great satisfaction and great difficulty: in the last 20 years Juventus won 11 championships on the field, 6 Italian super cups, 5 Italian cups, plus the successes of the Women.

The 2006 world title and the 2021 European championship were won by a national team with a strong back the Juventus. And with Argentina's victory this year, Juve is the team with the most players who have won a world championship." Next week we will know the reasons that led to the -15 and the sanctions inflicted on the Juventus managers, who from that moment will have 30 days to appeal.

The other investigation into Juventus

As reported by Sky Sport Italy, the investigation by the federal prosecutor's office into the Juventus salary maneuver opened on 29 November ends this week, unless an extension is requested.

Prosecutor who, in the event that he intends to proceed, will also present the charges. The process then provides that between notifications, defense briefs, possible referrals and technical times, the eventual trial can be held approximately around the end of March.

The penalties range from the fine to the penalty in points up to relegation, but only in the remote case in which it had to be demonstrated that without the maneuvers in question the club would not have been able to enter the team in the championship.