Premier League legends praised Leandro Trossard

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Premier League legends praised Leandro Trossard

Leandro Trossard is Arsenal's new signing in the winter transfer window. The Belgian showed in the match against Manchester United that he will probably be a great reinforcement. He made a huge difference coming into the game, and many were impressed afterward.

United legend Paul Scholes praised Trossard and his performance against United. "When you are going for titles, you need strong squads, you need players who can come in and replace players," Scholes said for Premier League Productions.

"Those players that come in might not always be as good as the starters, but they might even be better from the bench. When Leandro Trossard came on for Gabriel Martinelli, I didn't think it weakened Arsenal, it really didn't.

So I think Trossard is a great signing. Two or three more would really boost this team to go on and win the Premier League."

Cesc Fabregas on Leandro Trossard

Cesc Fabregas, a former Arsenal player, believes that Trossard will be an important player for the London team.

His time at Brighton was indicative of Trossard's qualities. "I think Trossard is a really good player, better than at the moment what people think he is. He showed it at Brighton and he showed it today for a couple of minutes.

He’s different to what they’ve got. He plays between the lines, he can score goals, play in different positions up front." Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale spoke about Trossard in an interview with The Fellas podcast.

Ramsdale believes that the Belgian has come to take the place of certain players. "Trossard is coming in to take someone's place in his head, he's not coming to - it might look like he is coming to be part of the squad, deep down like I was with [Bernd] Leno.

Like I've come to take Leno's pace, he's coming to take one of the front three player's place. So if you start saying 'oh by the way we've signed Trossard' before it happens, one of them front three might go 'hang on a minute'.