Christophe Galtier is furious: I will take the decision

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Christophe Galtier is furious: I will take the decision

Much more was expected from PSG this season. Christophe Galtier's team played 1-1 against Reims. This is a result that PSG cannot be satisfied with, and it is obvious that there are certain problems within the locker room. The French expert was not satisfied after the match.

He decided to make certain moves, the goal of which will be to change things within the team. "Since the end of the World Cup, there are players who are not at their normal level. Of course, we are not satisfied. There will be decisions that will be taken to get a stronger team and the team to be at the highest level."-Galtier said, as quoted by Reims managed to score a goal in the last minutes of the match and thus spoil PSG's plans.

"We faced difficulties against a team that has been playing well for 13 games. We are not happy at all. In the first half, we were not in control. Reims managed the first half." Galtier continued.

Christophe Galtier and poor results: I bear the responsibility

Galtier took responsibility for the poor results.

He is ready to change many things because it is obvious that PSG is not playing as expected. "I bear the responsibility for the performance of the players individually and collectively. There are players who are not at their level, and I will take the decision.

I will not leave the matter unchanged." PSG seems to have a superiority complex, and in the end it may cost them. "Competition must be created. We have remained in our comfort zone. This situation must be eliminated." The winter market is still going on, and PSG still has a little time.

"I know that the club is working to close one or two deals with what remains of the Mercato. Currently, we will see what happens; of course, it must be supported." PSG will have to fix some things if they want to win the title. Galtier is aware of what he has to do.