Hulk Shocks Fans with Drastic 5.7 kg Weight Loss After Single Game

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Hulk Shocks Fans with Drastic 5.7 kg Weight Loss After Single Game

Hulk continues to surprise and impress fans with his remarkable achievements on and off the field. Brazilian soccer star, Hulk, left fans stunned after his recent weight loss following a match with Atletico Mineiro. The 36-year-old forward weighed in at 97.6 kilograms before the game, which resulted in a 2-1 victory against Tombense.

The match played in scorching heat with temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius, took a toll on the players, as evidenced by Hulk's significant weight loss of 5.7 kilograms after the final whistle.

An Overwhelming Experience

Despite the grueling conditions, Hulk stepped up and delivered a game-winning goal just before the end of the match, playing the entire 90 minutes.

After the game, he stepped on the scale and weighed in at 91.9 kilograms. This is not the first time that Hulk has made headlines for shedding weight during a match. Last July, following a clash against Flamengo, the veteran forward claimed to have lost a similar amount of weight.

"It was overwhelming," Hulk told Marca back then. "I was tired. I started the match with 97 kilos and finished it with 91." The intense match took a physical toll on Hulk, as he missed the team's flight home after requiring four hours to complete an anti-doping test.

"I fell into the anti-doping test. I was there for four hours, I drank 30 litres of water," he added. "But it was hard for me to urinate. In the end, it worked and now I just want to get home."

Celebrating Success with Atletico Mineiro

Hulk joined Atletico Mineiro in 2021, and since then, he has established himself as a fan favorite, scoring 68 goals in 116 games.

He has also earned idol status after being a top scorer and champion of the Brazilian Cup and the Brazilian League in 2021. Last Sunday, he celebrated two years with Atletico, calling it "the best professional choice I have ever had." He has played 49 games for the Brazilian national team and scored 11 goals.