Pumas Demands Millions in Damages from Dani Alves Over Contract Breach

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Pumas Demands Millions in Damages from Dani Alves Over Contract Breach

The Mexican club, Pumas de la UNAM, has taken legal action against Brazilian footballer, Dani Alves, after the termination of his contract with the club following allegations of s*xual assault. The club is seeking millions in damages, alleging a breach of the terms of conduct outlined in the contract signed by the player in 2022.

UNAM released the following statement regarding their position on Alves. “In accordance with the information relating to the player Dani Alves, regarding the legal situation which he is in, Club Universidad Nacional will execute any appropriate action or sanctions, as established in the terms of the labor contract signed by the player, as well as the conditions of the Internal Work Regulations (ILRs).

In due course, the club will announce its decision concerning this case”.

Termination of Contract

In the wake of Alves' arrest on January 20th, Pumas de la UNAM swiftly terminated the player's contract. According to a report by UOL Sporte, the club sent the player an email announcing the termination and demanding a compensation of 4.5 million euros.

Protected by a Clause

Pumas de la UNAM cites a clause in the contract signed by Alves, which provides for punishment in the event of doping, public scandals, or any act considered a crime under local legislation. The club believes that the allegations against Alves qualify as a breach of this clause, as stated in an email sent to the player.

Legal Threats

The Mexican club is threatening to take legal action against FIFA if Alves does not pay the compensation, as the club believes that he violated the third paragraph of the contract. The outcome of this situation remains to be seen, as it remains uncertain whether the Brazilian footballer will be required to pay the sum demanded by Pumas de la UNAM.

“Due to a very serious breach by the player, in the terms provided in the fourteenth and fifteenth clauses of the contract, the player is irremediably obliged to reimburse the club for the payment of the compensation provided in the fifteenth clause of the contract, in the amount of US$ 5,000 ,000 (five million Us Dollars), net, that is, free of all taxes or withholdings” In said email, Pumas further states that “it reserves the right to undertake each and every one of the actions before FIFA and/or in any other pertinent and competent jurisdiction, to claim compensation, which was agreed under the terms of clause fifteenth of the contract”.

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