Darwin Nunez: Jurgen Klopp tells me that I need to be more calm

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Darwin Nunez: Jurgen Klopp tells me that I need to be more calm

Darwin Nunez is the most criticized player. This Uruguayan did not do well after arriving in Liverpool. Much more was expected from him. Jurgen Klopp gave him a lot of advice and wants Nunez to show what he showed in Benfica. "He doesn't speak Spanish and I don't speak English,” Nunez told Sky Sports.

“So we don't understand each other, but ever since I arrived at Liverpool, he has always given me confidence.
I think he wants to see what he saw in Benfica. For example, in the games I played against Liverpool [in the Champions League last season], when I performed very well.
I don't think I'm playing well at the moment, but I always want to improve.

I try to improve every day.
Klopp knows my strength is my speed, running into space. Also, he tells me that I need to be more calm when I'm playing, and that I need to move more.
He tells me that I need that, and that I am a player with a lot of quality.

So, that's more or less what he wants from me - and, of course, that I score goals.
He has told me that I have to be calm in games when it comes to finishing. He wants me to take a second longer, because if I shoot with anger, or I rush it, then it will always go badly.
He asks me to take an extra second, with calmness, and I will score."

Darwin Nunez and family

Nunez emphasized that in addition to the adaptation period, many things must still be good if you want the player to show his maximum.

In the first place, family problems can affect the players' form. "It is a case of adapting," says Nunez. "Adapting is important - and not only here at the club. Things have to be good on the football side, but also with your family, because if your family is OK, then you will always be OK.

My family and I are good.
Obviously, I still have many things to work on - for example, my finishing. But I think the same thing is happening to me as happened to Suarez. In his second year, he tore it up

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