The Greatest of All Time: Sergio Ramos Finally Admits his Admiration for Lionel Messi

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The Greatest of All Time: Sergio Ramos Finally Admits his Admiration for Lionel Messi

After years of intense rivalries on the field, Spanish soccer player Sergio Ramos has finally admitted that Lionel Messi is the best player of all time. The Spanish defender and former Real Madrid captain has put aside his past battles with Messi and now shares the same locker room with the Argentine star in Paris, where he plays for Paris Saint-Germain.

In a statement for the club's TV, Ramos expressed his admiration for Messi and his desire to see him extend his contract with PSG.

Years of Suffering Turn into Admiration

Prior to playing together, Ramos and Messi were fierce competitors, facing off against each other in numerous Clasico matches.

Despite the intense battles, Ramos now recognizes Messi's talent and impact on the sport. "There was suffering for several years playing against Messi," said Ramos. "I am now enjoying him. He is the best player football has ever produced."

A Stellar Performance in Paris

Since joining PSG in the summer of 2021, Messi has been nothing short of spectacular.

This season alone, he has played 24 matches for the French champions, scoring 15 goals and adding 14 assists. In total, he has played 58 matches for PSG, scoring 26 goals and registering 29 assists.

Contract Negotiations Ahead

Messi's contract with PSG is set to expire at the end of this season, and intense negotiations are underway to extend his stay in Paris.

Meanwhile, his former club, Barcelona, is reportedly making a strong push to bring him back to Spain. The future of one of the greatest players in the history of the sport remains uncertain, and fans around the world are eagerly waiting to see what the Argentinian will decide.

Recently Mundo Deportivo reported, Saudi club Al-Hilal is ready to offer a staggering 300 million euros per year to Lionel Messi in an attempt to entice him to join their team. An offer is reportedly a three-year contract, which would make Messi a billionaire during that period.

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