Owen Hargreaves on the three important players United need for the title

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Owen Hargreaves on the three important players United need for the title

Former Manchester United legends often comment on the current Manchester United team and give their opinions about the future. This time, Owen Hargreaves commented on what reinforcements the Red Devils need if they want to be contenders for the title next season.'

'It is hard to go from third or fourth to win the title,’ said Hargreaves, as quoted by metro.co.uk ‘You have to steadily climb, we have seen in the past. I think goal scoring has been one of their biggest issues, they are 20 odd goals behind the top teams.

But I do think they need depth, at the top of the pitch, in midfield and maybe in defence. To get three important players in would make a huge difference to help bridge the gap.’ One of the topics was Jadon Sancho.

United legend Paul Scholes believes that Sancho's time at United is not over and that he has a lot to show. ‘Not yet I don’t think, I still think there’s a lot more to come from him. He obviously had his issues and problems that the manager dealt with, he came back and scored a couple of goals.'

Paul Scholes on Jadon Sancho

Paul stressed that United also need reinforcements in other positions if they want to get the most out of Sancho. He named the right back as a priority. This summer could bring some big transfers.

‘I still think there’s a player in there, he just needs the right players around him. Remember at Dortmund before, he had a flying right-back going on all the time, which really helped him because he’s not a quick player, he’s more of a skilful player who wants to play football, he wants to play with his centre-forward and right-back.

If United can possibly find a better right-back it might make him a different proposition.’