Cristiano Ronaldo: We cannot see what is below us from the top of a mountain


Cristiano Ronaldo: We cannot see what is below us from the top of a mountain

Cristiano Ronaldo had a career marked by many successes. It is unnecessary to talk about what the Portuguese has achieved in his rich career, but the last two years have been one of the toughest in his career. The adventure in Manchester United turned out to be a failure after Ronaldo, dissatisfied with the treatment at the club, decided to do an interview with Piers Morgan in which he criticized the club, the coach, and the management.

Not long after, the club terminated his contract, and Ronaldo signed a contract with Al-Nassr. At the national team gathering, the Portuguese spoke at the press conference about 'difficult' times. “Sometimes, you have to go through some things to see who is on my side,” -Ronaldo said, as quoted by
"I have no problem saying, I had a bad career run, but there’s no time for regrets.

Life goes on and, doing well or not, it was part of my growth.
When we are at the top of the mountain, we often cannot see what is below. Now, I’m more prepared and learning that was important, because I had never been through this, like in the last few months.

Now I’m a better man”.

Cristiano Ronaldo is called up

Cristiano Ronaldo was called up by Roberto Martinez. Although there were doubts as to whether the Portuguese would really perform and be called up, Martinez believes that such a player is necessary for him.

We will see if he will play in the starting XI. "Cristiano Ronaldo is a very committed player,” said Martinez. “He can bring experience and is a very important figure for the team. I don't look at age.
Football decisions have to be taken on the field of play.

I'm not an office decision-making coach. So my starting point is to get to all the players and I want to get in touch with them."

Cristiano Ronaldo