Lionel Messi's Homecoming: A Difficult but Not Impossible Task

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Lionel Messi's Homecoming: A Difficult but Not Impossible Task
Lionel Messi's Homecoming: A Difficult but Not Impossible Task (Provided by Financial World)

The return of Lionel Messi to his beloved Barcelona has been a topic of discussion for football fans and experts alike. Despite the challenges that come with such a move, the possibility of the Argentine maestro returning to the Camp Nou remains alive, as long as both sides are willing to make compromises.

The Club's Doors are Open to Him

Recent weeks have seen the rumors of Lionel Messi's return to Barcelona intensify, with even Joan Laporta, the club's president, acknowledging the possibility. Laporta, who was instrumental in Messi's exit from the club to Paris Saint-Germain, has stated that "the club's doors are open to him." However, the current financial situation at Barcelona presents a significant challenge to Messi's return, as the club may not be able to offer the same salary he received before.

Laporta, who is aware of the importance of the Argentine star to the club, stated in an interview with Marca, "I have to find a way to improve Messi's current relationship with Barca. We'll see, but he knows Barca's door is always open to him."

Messi is the Best Player in the History of Football

Laporta's words are a testament to Messi's impact on the club and the sport of football.

The president acknowledged that Messi is "the best player in the history of football" and "the most important player in the history of Barca." Kun Agüero, the Argentine striker who plays for Barcelona's arch-rivals, Atletico Madrid, also weighed in on the topic.

Agüero stated, "I think Leo Messi should retire at Barça because Barcelona is his home, he should end his career here. I think Laporta should try to bring Leo back, and if Laporta takes a step forward, Messi will return to Barcelona.

Right now, the situation is at 50/50."

An Economic Alternative for Messi

Despite the financial challenges, Barcelona is reportedly devising a way to bring Messi back to the club. Mundo Deportivo states that Messi may receive a lower salary but would receive percentages from various sources of income, especially at the commercial level. Messi is also aware of the club's interest, and all eyes are on the Argentine star for his next move.

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