Gabriel reveals his toughest training opponent


Gabriel reveals his toughest training opponent

We are in the midst of a great season for Arsenal, and the Gunners will be in the fight for the title until the very end of it. The team that Mikel Arteta has put together is one that has the capacity to compete with anyone in the world.

Even though a very difficult task lies ahead of him, the Spaniard is aware that this is a great opportunity that he cannot allow to slip away from him, and he must make the most of it. There is no doubt that Gabriel is one of the better players in the Arsenal team this season.

As expected, this brilliant defender showed Arteta that he can count on him, and that he has a lot of quality. During an interview with Premier League Uncut, Gabriel spoke about his teammates as well as who presents him with the most difficult challenges while training: Gabriel had no qualms: It is Bukayo Saka.

‘For me, he’s had the best moment. He’s so good. If I’m the defender who plays against him, my head is in trouble. Because he’s so hard, too strong 1v1. He helps the team a lot and you see this season and last season, he’s so good.

’- he said, as quoted by

Bukayo Saka and Gareth Southgate

As a member of the England team, Bukayo Saka continued his excellent form. Arsenal's winger was a big part of the team's victory against Ukraine by scoring a beautiful goal, but he also assisted on one of the goals.

The words that Gareth Southgate used to describe Saka were nothing but praise. 'When he’s in front of goal now he plays with real belief, that’s evident with his club and the games with us. You’re expecting him to score now when he goes through,’ - he said.

‘I think that’s been a mentality shift as much as anything technical, he’s always had the techniques. He knows to be a really top wide player then you need the numbers of goals and assists, he’s without a doubt delivered that this season.’