Lionel Messi: A Possible Return to Barcelona

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Lionel Messi: A Possible Return to Barcelona
Lionel Messi: A Possible Return to Barcelona (Provided by Financial World)

The return of legendary footballer Lionel Messi to Barcelona FC has been the topic of much discussion in recent weeks, with the player himself yet to make a final decision on his future. According to renowned sports journalist Fabrizio Romano, everything could be resolved very quickly, with things moving in the direction of a summer return to the Spanish club.

Contacts Established with Barcelona

In a recent public statement, Rafa Yuste, the Vice President of Barcelona FC, confirmed that contacts have already been established between the club and the Argentinian player.

Yuste stated, “Leo and his family know the affection I have for them. I participated in the negotiations which unfortunately did not lead to a certain result. I’ve always had and I have this thorn in my side that Leo couldn’t continue at our club.

Messi knows how much we appreciate him. I would love for him to come back. We’re in contact, of course, with them”.

Messi's Current Club PSG

At present, Messi has an offer on the table from his current club, Paris Saint-Germain. However, it is assumed that the reason for his potential return to Barcelona is due to his strong connection to the club where he grew up, starting from the younger categories and making his debut in 2004.

It is worth noting that Messi moved to PSG two years ago due to a difficult financial situation and problems, with which he failed to achieve his goal and win the Champions League.

Barcelona's Approach to the Situation

As reports regarding Messi’s future continue to fill the rumor mill, Fernando Polo, a journalist for Mundo Deportivo, revealed how Barcelona intends to navigate the situation.

Polo wrote, “In this scenario, Barça wants to be, for now, in the background. The reason is that according to what they point out from Camp Nou, the will of Messi is the one that can give wings or not to Barcelona.

Therefore, everything happens because Leo does not renew with PSG and decides to focus his destiny towards a return to FC Barcelona. The Barça club maintains that, if it is for money, it will not be the best place if a bid is unleashed to seduce Messi.

For this reason, the important thing will be that the information reaches the club that, despite this financial handicap, Leo is ready to return”.

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