Xavi Hernandez honest about Leo Messi's potential return

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Xavi Hernandez honest about Leo Messi's potential return
Xavi Hernandez honest about Leo Messi's potential return (Provided by Financial World)

Xavi Hernandez is trying to do great things with Barcelona, even though the club's financial situation is not in his favor. The departure of Leo Messi to PSG two years ago had a great impact on the future of the Catalan club.

The world was left shocked after the Argentinian confirmed his move to Paris. They knew that after his departure everything would be different. Recently, there have been many rumors about Messi returning to where it all began.

It seems that the Argentine is unhappy at PSG and wants to return to Barcelona. At the last press conference, Xavi did not want to deny that Messi will return. He emphasized that many factors will decide. "It will depend on many factors," said Xavi, as quoted by eurosport.com
"We must see what the Financial Fair Play rules allow us to do.
There are many things at stake but I think the most important factor will be Leo’s desire to come back here.

Leo knows this is his home and that our doors are open, and that we will be delighted if he decides to come back to Barca. But it depends on many factors”.

Xavi talks about Messi's future

Reporters were interested in where Xavi sees Messi's future.

The Spaniard was angry at the subsequent questions. "You guys (the media) are masters at changing the subject," said Xavi.
"Let’s focus on the important things. The important thing is that tomorrow we can put ourselves 15 points above Real Madrid, that’s important, and that next Wednesday we can advance to the final of the Copa del Rey.
I don’t understand why we don't talk about this but instead talk about next year’s possible new players.

Everything is at stake this season.
Sometimes I don’t understand you guys. The whole season we're being told that we weren’t going to win titles, receiving criticism from you all the time. And right now, we are one step away from winning titles. One step away”.

Xavi Hernandez