Mikel Arteta on tactics against Manchester City

‘They can do various things: they can play with a box inside, they can play with a diamond'

by Sead Dedovic
Mikel Arteta on tactics against Manchester City

Mikel Arteta is aware of the challenge that awaits him and that it will not be easy in the match against Manchester City. This is the most important match for Arsenal this season, considering that the winner of this match could become the champion of England.

Many are wondering if Arteta will change things in his team, and if he will surprise Pep Guardiola. The Spaniard revealed that he has no such intention. Erling Haaland will be the biggest danger for his team. During his press conference, Arteta explained how he intends to stop the Norwegian striker: ‘The issue with a team like City is that it starts with the goalkeeper, and he is a threat when the ball is with him!

You have to control every single one [of their players]. But we’re just focusing on us. We know what they want to do, and what they will try to do.' - Arteta said, as quoted by METRO. Manchester City is one of the best teams in Europe and it is more difficult to find a solution for their strikers.

Arteta talked about how adaptable City's players are. ‘They can do various things: they can play with a box inside, they can play with a diamond, they can build the game with three, they can be asymmetric on one side, they can put Bernardo Silva on the right and then play a diamond there and put Kyle Walker higher – they can do so many things!

So you have to be adaptable. In the end, you have to focus on certain principles to try and take the game where you want.’- he continued.

Arteta on the title race

Although many did not believe that Arsenal could really go far this season, Arteta knew the qualities of his team and expected a race with City and Liverpool.

'100 per cent. We knew from the beginning that City were the team to beat, probably with Liverpool. Because what those teams have done over the last six or seven years, they deserve that credit and to be at the top and we were the ones who wanted to be closing that gap as much as we possibly could.

And we are toe-to-toe with them. We knew we had to go to the Etihad. We know that after that we are going to have another five very difficult games. That game [versus City] is going to be really important. Is it going to define the season? The answer is no.’

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