Mikel Arteta after Manchester City: I don't think my team was scared

"I don’t know what is going to be required [to win the league]"

by Sead Dedovic
Mikel Arteta after Manchester City: I don't think my team was scared

The Premiership is something special this season. Few could have expected London's Arsenal to be in the fight for the title. However, Mikel Arteta reborn this team and created a respectable team that can compete against the best.

The Spaniard knew that he was facing the biggest challenge in his coaching career so far: the match against Manchester City. His team did their best, they wanted to get a positive result, but it was not enough. Manchester City proved to be the more dominant and better team, and the match between these two teams ended 4:1 in favor of the team from the Etihad.

Mikel Arteta knew they had to give 100% of themselves. You can't beat City otherwise. However, his team was far from what you have to show. ‘We knew that we were going to need our best as a team and individually, when you come here you need to be at your best.

Today we were far from that. The better team won the game. They were probably at their best in the first half and we weren’t at our level. In terms of the basics we didn’t do it. '- he said, as quoted by METRO

Mikel Arteta on his team's performance

Although many point to Arsenal's inexperience and the fact that they have never been in this situation, Arteta believes that this is not the reason for the defeat.

From the very beginning, City imposed their game. They had the initiative, which they used immediately. Arsenal can now only hope that City will make a mistake in the next matches. It's not easy when you depend on others, but there seems to be no shortage of optimism for the Arsenal manager
‘I don’t think they [his players] were scared, but the way we started the game, we put ourselves in trouble in many situations.

When that happens we could not grab the game the way we wanted. The stats at the start of the season said we’d finish sixth or seventh and we are where we are. There’s still five games to go. I’ve been in this country 22 years and things change a lot.

They’re an exceptional team but we are an exceptional team as well. I don’t know what is going to be required [to win the league]. For sure we have to lift the players up first because they suffered tonight. We need to do everything that we’ve done so far so well and start winning.’

Mikel Arteta Manchester City