Borussia Dortmund lost the title: Edin Terzic feels empty

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Borussia Dortmund lost the title: Edin Terzic feels empty
Borussia Dortmund lost the title: Edin Terzic feels empty

Borussia Dortmund manager Edin Terzic could not hide his disappointment after his team failed to secure the Bundesliga title. Borussia had everything in their hands. They were playing at home and needed a win. However, a shock happened at the very beginning of the match.

Mainz took a 0-1 lead in the 15th minute, and 9 minutes later they took a 0-2 lead. Borussia had no solution. However, in the second half, they managed to reduce the score to 1-2 in the 69th minute. The final score was 2-2 after Sule scored a goal in the last minute of the match.

"It's difficult to find the right words," -Terzic told ESPN. "We feel empty because we knew about the chance, you could feel the energy within the stadium and city. We all wanted it so hard. We were so close -- just one goal was missing, it was one goal in the other stadium that was missing, we knew we were 90 minutes away from lifting the trophy." This is the game we fell in love with as kids, sometimes it's hard to miss a penalty, to conceded two early goals and all of a sudden it feels so heavy, but we tried our best and unfortunately it wasn't enough.

Before the game we've been 90 minutes away, and now again we are 34 match days away to try it again. And yeah, tomorrow we're going to start to try again."

Jude Bellingham

Perhaps the best player of Dortmund this season, Jude Bellingham was on the bench.

The knee injury was obviously serious, and this young Englishman could not start the match. Terzic emphasized that Bellingham is precisely one of the players who are most deserving of why Dortmund was in the race for the title until the last round.

There are high chances that Bellingham will leave Dortmund at the end of the season, and continue his career in Real Madrid or England. "Jude was fighting every day to get back into the team. It was a tough decision," -Terzic said.

"It was too tight. Hopefully he's going to recover as quick as possible. I can't answer this question now -- he didn't feel well this morning, he didn't feel well before the game -- he told us he didn't feel ready to start the game and if we needed him, we could put him on for a couple of minutes.

Of course he's very sad and emotional like the others. He's one of the main reasons why we were in the situation today. I hope once again ... I'm quite sure he's a winner, and he'll win so many trophies in his career, and for that he needs to stay fit and healthy and recover as quick as possible."