Jose Mourinho on emotions before Europa League final

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Jose Mourinho on emotions before Europa League final
Jose Mourinho on emotions before Europa League final

Jose Mourinho and his team will have one of the biggest challenges tonight. The Portuguese expert will lead AS Roma in the final against Sevilla. It is difficult to estimate who is the favorite in this match. Jose Mourinho is an optimist, and the fact that he has never lost a final will give the team additional motivation.

The Portuguese did not forget to praise the coach of Sevilla, José Luis Mendilibar. "I'm very happy for him. I have known Mendilibar for many, many, many years. I went to Spain in 2010, we played in the same league. I know his work, I know his qualities, I know how good he is, I know how well-prepared he is and he's just never had the chance to go to a club fighting for these big prizes.

When he got the job at Sevilla, he did amazingly. He transformed the team totally; a team that was in trouble in the league, a team that was kicked out of the Champions League, and he built a team with his knowledge, with his experience.

I'm more than happy to hug him before and after the final."- Jose Mourinho said, as quoted by

Jose Mourinho

Mourinho does not want to burden himself too much with statistics. His goal is to win another trophy and thus prove once again what an expert he is.

"Do I know that I could become the first coach to win this competition with three teams? I really don't care. We work for [the fans]. In this moment of my career, I think of the happiness that we can give to these people. To be in this final is something that nobody would have expected at the beginning of the season when you see the incredible, incredible quality of the teams in the Europa League.

Barcelona and Arsenal were in this competition and they were kicked out very, very early. For Roma to be in this final, it means a lot. So let's try to give [the fans] the ultimate happiness."

Jose Mourinho

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