Jose Mourinho about staying at AS Roma: I can't say I will be here next season

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Jose Mourinho about staying at AS Roma: I can't say I will be here next season
Jose Mourinho about staying at AS Roma: I can't say I will be here next season

AS Roma failed to win the final against Sevilla, and in the end, they were left without the Europa League trophy. Jose Mourinho and his team had an advantage of 1 goal, but they failed to keep the lead. The match went into extra time, and in the end, Sevilla won after a better penalty shootout.

Many wonder if this defeat will mean the end for Jose Mourinho in Roma. The Portuguese talked about everything at the press conference: “I can’t say I will be here next season,” -he said, as quoted by
“I will go on holiday on Monday, then we will speak.

I told the owners I will tell them if I start talks with another club. As of now no other club called me. It is time for me to talk to the owners. It is time for the owners to talk to me”.

Jose Mourinho and the referees

The match was marked by many referee decisions.

Mourinho is not happy with Anthony Taylor and his assistants. “I must say we’re used to this,” -Mourinho said.
“But this is a European final and with this kind of refereeing, it is hard to accept. If we talk about refereeing situations, it’s not two or three: it is many, quite apart from the big decisions.

Those of us who have been in football a long time realise immediately what is going on.
[Lorenzo] Pellegrini falls in the box and given a yellow card; [Lucas] Ocampos did exactly the same thing and he doesn’t get one.

It’s a scandal. VAR called the referee and shames Ocampos but there’s no card given. [Erik] Lamela – who, by the way, scored one of the penalties – deserved a second yellow but didn’t get it." Sevilla player Erik Lamela was delighted after his team's victory.

This trophy will be very important for them, and at the same time it will also mean the playing of 5 Spanish teams in the Champions League next season. “This is amazing. It’s amazing. I can’t ask for more. This feeling is unbelievable and we’re going to enjoy [it] a lot.
It was not an easy game to play.

We were not feeling in our best. They played this game - they defended well. [It] was difficult to find the spaces and create the situations”.

Jose Mourinho As Roma

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