Erling Haaland comments on the importance of the Champions League and FA Cup trophies

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Erling Haaland comments on the importance of the Champions League and FA Cup trophies
Erling Haaland comments on the importance of the Champions League and FA Cup trophies

Manchester City and Manchester United will play in the FA Cup final. The match is scheduled for 16:00. Both teams have a huge motive. Norwegian striker Erling Haaland will pose the biggest threat to Manchester United. In yesterday's interview with the media, Haaland emphasized that his biggest dream is to win the Champions League, but of course, the FA Cup will be an important trophy for him.

"This is why they bought me of course, to get this, we don't have to hide that,” -Haaland told BBC Sport, as quoted by
"It would mean everything. I will do everything I possibly can to try to make it happen.

It's my biggest dream and hopefully dreams do come true." Manchester City could become the first English team since 1999 to win all three trophies in one season: Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League. Erling Haaland is aware of what a feat that would be.

"It would be unreal to make this history," -Haaland said.
"It's not easy - it's two finals against two good teams that will do everything they can to try to destroy that,” he added.
They will be motivated, they will be ready and we have to play at our best, because if we play at our best we have a really good chance of achieving exactly that."

Erling Haaland on his life

The Norwegian striker excelled this season.

His popularity skyrocketed upon his arrival at Manchester City, and he drew attention to himself with great performances. Haaland is aware that now he has to live a completely different life, but he does not want to burden himself with it and enjoys every moment.

"My life has changed of course, I can't live so normally any more. That's how my life is, I can't complain,” -Haaland said.
"I try to enjoy every single moment of it and that's how it is.
I'm 196cm tall and have got long blonde hair so wherever I go people are going to see me.

So that's how my life is. What can I do?
There's nothing I can do, that's my life. I just have to try to enjoy it as much as I can. Try to relax when I'm home with good people around me, that's really important. Just try to enjoy my life."

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