Declan Rice on the match with Fiorentina and the role of the captain

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Declan Rice on the match with Fiorentina and the role of the captain
Declan Rice on the match with Fiorentina and the role of the captain

Declan Rice is ready to do his best to help West Ham win the European trophy. Their opponent in tonight's match will be Italian Fiorentina. It will be a serious challenge for the Londoners, and winning this competition guarantees them playing in the Europa League next season.

“When you get to a final, there’s only one thought: to win,”-Rice told BT Sport, as quoted by
“It’s the last game of the season; we haven’t got any more games to go. It’s a chance to go out there and empty the tank, giving it everything… we’re willing to do anything to win a trophy.

The lads are all in a good place physically and mentally. I’m chilled out, not thinking about it too much. It’s just a game of football, and I play to how I can play. We shouldn’t have any worries. It’s down to us, down to me, pushing myself to have the game of my life, to put us in history.

No-one else can do anything except me and the team."

Declan Rice and his responsibility

Declan Rice is aware of the responsibility he will have. Especially because of the fact that he is the captain of the team. There is a lot of excitement in the London team and the fans are already ready to celebrate.

They know how important this match will be for their team, perhaps the most important in the last few years. It's a huge stake, but Declan Rice tries not to think too much about everything and just wants to win. “I think I’ll probably say a few things, you may only have one opportunity to become a legend at West Ham and create history, so I think it will be about knowing what type of game it is and what we can create as a team.
Being a captain comes naturally.

I try not to think about it too much. Last year I was the on-pitch captain, but had Nobes [Mark Noble] who’d done all the stuff behind the scenes. This year it’s only really changed in that way.
I’ve been myself; embraced stuff that’s come my way.

I’ve not put too much pressure on myself being a captain, I’ve just tried to let it be as easy as possible and when I’ve had to deal with things off the pitch, I’ve done that as best I can, with the help of a few team-mates.
Being captain of a big club like West Ham at 24 is tough. With what I’m like as a person, I’m super laid-back and let it unfold”.

Declan Rice

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