Leo Messi: PSG fans started treating me differently


Leo Messi: PSG fans started treating me differently

Upon arriving in Paris, Leo Messi had enormous problems getting used to the 'new life' outside of Barcelona, and it seems that he didn't even succeed in that. The Argentine agreed everything with Inter Miami, and after only two seasons he decided to leave PSG.

From the very beginning, Leo had problems with the fans, which grew more and more as time went by. The fans were dissatisfied with his performances, and they believed that Messi was not giving his best. It is not easy to play when you have an environment that does not support you.

"At first it was great, I received a lot of encouragement as I've often said, but then people started to treat me differently, some of the Paris fans,” said Messi in an interview with RMC Sport, as quoted by eurosport.com

Leo Messi and fans: There was a rift with a large section of the Paris crowd

Messi emphasizes that the majority of fans supported him and believed in him.

Leo Messi failed to show what was expected of him. It is difficult to guess what could be the reason for that, but certainly, the fact that the Argentine is 36 years old speaks volumes. “The majority, on the other hand, treated me as well as they did at the start.

There was a rift with a large section of the Paris crowd.
Of course, it wasn't my intention. But these are things that have already happened with Mbappe and Neymar too, it's their way of doing things. But I still remember all those people who supported me, as they did at the start."
It is Neymar and Mbappe who are mentioned as players who could leave Paris this summer.

Despite the fact that PSG probably had the strongest front trio, they failed to win the Champions League. We will see if PSG will enter the new season with a completely different philosophy.

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