Arsene Wenger comments on Declan Rice's arrival at Arsenal


Arsene Wenger comments on Declan Rice's arrival at Arsenal
Arsene Wenger comments on Declan Rice's arrival at Arsenal

Many were surprised after Declan Rice signed for Arsenal. This great defensive midfielder was wanted by many clubs, and in the end, he decided to stay in London. Although he was linked with Manchester City, Liverpool, and even Manchester United, Rice still believed that Arsenal was the best option at the moment.

The fans of this club could not hide their happiness at the arrival of Declan in their team. Arsene Wenger, the former manager of Arsenal, commented on this transfer. The Frenchman is satisfied with the work Arsenal is doing, and expects great things from the team.

“I think it is a good investment,” Wenger said. “Overall, personally I think they have made good buys as they are players who are now mature, 23,24, and still young so can stay together for a few years.
They will be under more pressure after last year, but they have learned a lot and they can show they can deal with that pressure now”.

Arsene Wenger

The French expert emphasized that he would do identical things during his tenure. However, Wenger was unable to attract such stars at that time because the club did not have enough money. Since the London team has never paid large sums for a player, it is interesting that they invested so much money.

“I had to cope with no money at all, so you have to find a different way,” Wenger said. “Arsenal is now in a good financial situation and bought what they think will win the championship”. Wenger is also ambitious about the next season.

He expects Arsenal to win the Premier League. "I believe we will win the championship, it is as simple as that. I have less doubts for Arsenal than the cycling today”. It will be very difficult for them to succeed in this, but we will not say anything in advance.

Source: Eurosport

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