Kylian Mbappe has returned to PSG training and wants a new contract


Kylian Mbappe has returned to PSG training and wants a new contract

There has been a decision made by Kylian Mbappe to return to PSG. Upon reaching an agreement with the club’s management, he promised to sign a contract committing to a continuation of the team’s collaboration so that the club could earn something from the eventual transfer to Real Madrid.

It was good to see the French star join the first team training session today. It was exciting for many of the team's players to see how their teammates would welcome the team's first star and now they have their answer. There was enthusiasm among the rest of the team when it came to accepting Mbappe into the team.

As the biggest star returned, there was a smile on his face, and he was welcome back with open arms.

Nassel Al Khelaifi on Kylian Mbappe

As PSG's first man Nasser Al Khelaifi said, "Kylian is loyal to the club. He is now part of the team.".

As a result of this, according to the French media, Mbappe is not likely to speak a lot about his future plans. Hopefully, he will take some time to decide on the next season before signing a new contract for this year. PSG and coach Luis Enrique will certainly be delighted to see the return of Mbappe to the team, who made his first bench appearance for the Parisian giant with a modest 0:0 against Lorient on Monday.

We would like to remind you that in 2017, the great striker wore the PSG shirt and delighted many. Since he joined the team in 2017, he has tallied 212 goals and 98 assists in 260 games in which he has played in Paris. Many believe that Kylian Mbappe will sign for Real Madrid next season and end a story that has been going on for a long time.

The French footballer was close to going to Real Madrid last summer and also this summer. However, cooperation did not occur. We will see what the future holds for this great football player.

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