Hans Joachim Watzke shocked by Erling Haaland's statements

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Hans Joachim Watzke shocked by Erling Haaland's statements

That Erling Haaland is the future of world football is almost clear since he arrived in Germany two years ago. But his future is not in Borussia, which is struggling to keep him as long as possible. Millionaires are famous for being one of the biggest clubs in the Bundesliga, but Erling Haaland is the highest world-class and as such he is seen in clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Manchester giants, Paris Saint-Germain.

He is also aware of that fact, and that is why four days ago he complained to the media that he was feeling the pressure of the club's top team in Westphalia to extend his contract and stay in Dortmund next season. He said that he is under pressure, that he only wants to play football, and that he will be most productive when football is the only thing in his head.

He complained that the leading people had been burdening him for some time and that things would be resolved soon. Borussia's executive director Hans Joachim Watzke responded to his words as soon as he heard Erling Haaland's statement, saying that the club could not wait for May, that Erling Haaland was a young, spontaneous guy and that things like this were forgiven, but a few days later Watzke felt the need to say something more.

Watzke surprised by Erling Haaland's statement

Just when the situation calmed down a bit, he started cooking again in the home of the black and yellows. "It is true that we are surprised by the statement because we have not talked to him yet.

The claim that Dortmund imposed an ultimatum on Erling Haaland is a bull**it. There is no deadline for a decision," Watzke explained briefly but categorically. The first man of the club added that if Borussia sees that Erling Haaland is leaving for sure, they will immediately start looking for a worthy replacement, as when Robert Lewandowski left on July 1, 2014, and signed Giro Immobile the very next day.

However, the Italian did not turn out to be a worthy replacement. This is the second time that Erling Haaland's behavior has met with the club's disapproval. One of Borussia's directors, Sebastian Kehl, also commented on Haaland's statement a few days ago.

"There is no news or negotiations. I was surprised by Erling's statement. I will talk to him and ask him why he gave such an interview after we won 5: 1. We did not put any pressure on him," Kehl said. The truth in such cases is usually somewhere in the middle, but having in mind that the Norwegian is represented by Mino Raiola, probably the most cunning man among managers, it is not impossible that Haaland's mini-interview was supported by him, and one of the most powerful football managers has already started psychological games. .. Six months before the transfer period in which Erling Halland is expected to leave.