Ball on Brazil’s court as Italy to extradite Robinho on Albanian woman assault


Ball on Brazil’s court as Italy to extradite Robinho on Albanian woman assault

The Supreme Court of Italy had confirmed a prior verdict on former AC Milan and Brazilian striker Robinho, who had been sentenced nine years in prison in a lower court after being accused of involving in an assault of an Albanian woman back in the 2013s, Robinho’s lawyer had confirmed on Wednesday citing that the ruling as one of the most unfair he had ever witnessed.

Since the Supreme Court verdict could not be challenged and Italy would soon begin the proceedings of an extradition for Robinho, who currently has been residing in Brazil, the ball now appears to be in the court of Brazil, the largest LATAM economy which had had a long history of not extraditing its own citizens, suggested experts.

Robinho prison sentence untamed in Italy’s Supreme Court

In factuality, latest verdict from the Supreme Court of Italy came forth as in the 2017s a lower court in Milan had ruled against Robinho and five other Brazilians, who had been found guilty of physically assaulting an Albanian woman in a disco.

On top of that, the court also had found evidences that the Brazilians had plied the victim with alcohol. The lower court ruling was unchanged in an appeals court back in the 2020s, while the latest Supreme Court verdict had paved the way for Italian regulators to initiate an extradition procedure.

Robinho, 37, who has had a promising start-off of his career as a centre forward, however, later was shifted to the left flank during his time in Italy and England, had played for a number of super top tier European clubs such as Real Madrid, AC Milan and Manchester City.

Nonetheless, Robinho had signed a contract with Santos back in 2020s, returning to the very first club where he had started off venturing out his career as a professional football player.

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