List of footballers who died of a heart attack in 2021

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List of footballers who died of a heart attack in 2021
List of footballers who died of a heart attack in 2021

The previous year was one of the most difficult for us. Corona pandemics, a large number of positive cases, deaths, and much more have affected us and our environment. Of course, the sport suffered because of that, and we could not watch the fans in the stands, many games were postponed, but what hit us the most was the tragic death of young athletes.

There are many who have complained of heart problems, lung problems, and various other problems that are a consequence of COVID19, or a consequence of the vaccine (according to some). We do not want to get into such issues, nor specifically, blame anyone, but we cannot ignore the fatalities of many athletes.

No one can forget the tragic collapse of Christan Eriksen at the European Championships when the whole world was shocked, and could not believe it was happening. Christian Eriksen got out of it and had a lot of luck unlike some who ended tragically.

Kun Aguero has also had heart problems, and lately, Alphonso Davies and Pierre Emerick Aubameyang have complained about the same, and the question is whether there will be more of them who will complain about the same problems.

List of tragic outcomes of the players due to heart attacks

Still, we want to give you the names of those who ended tragically and who unfortunately failed to survive a heart attack. Unfortunately, they were all in their prime and had careers ahead of them: One of those who was first rumored to have experienced such a fate is Marin Cacic, a Croatian footballer who unfortunately died after a few days in a coma due to a heart attack.

After that, football player Nemanja Mirosavljevic passed away in Serbia, who, just like Marin Cacic, collapsed. Sofiane Lokar, an Algerian footballer, passed away during the match, thus shocking the whole of Algeria

Makhlid Al-Raqadi suffered a heart attack during his team's match.

We still remember those scenes today And the last case is the case of Guatemalan footballer, Marcos Menaldo, who left this world at a very young age We see that in 2022 we have the same cases, which fortunately do not end tragically, but the very appearance of heart problems indicates a problem that obviously exists and needs to be stopped as soon as possible. The question is whether we will watch the same scenes this year, but apparently, a similar fate will await us.