Who are the players with the most appearances in Premier League history?


Who are the players with the most appearances in Premier League history?
Who are the players with the most appearances in Premier League history?

The English Premier League has always been the most interesting and most-watched. We remember a large number of players who were the stars of that league, and who marked one period, but still, there are a few of them who made the most appearances in the Premier League, and who were the stars of their teams.

Each of them was a top player, and their number of appearances says everything, but the following players had the most appearances in Premier League history 5. James Milner Former Aston Villa player and now Liverpool player James Milner has played 569 Premier League games.

When Manchester City decided to create a team that would be a competitor for the very top of the table, James Milner decided to join the project, but still showed the best games in Liverpool, where he was one of the key players in Klopp's system.

He is still here today, but not as important a player as he used to be. 4. David James A legendary goalkeeper who played for the England national team, but also for Portsmouth, where he showed great games. Today Portsmouth is far from what it used to be, and they play in the third tier of English football.

He also played for Liverpool and Manchester City, just like James Milner. He has not played in the first rank of the competition for about 10 years. James played a total of 572 games

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3. Frank Lampard Just say Frank Lampard and everything is clear to you.

The former Chelsea midfielder marked an era of English football when Chelsea was at the very top. He is known for scoring many goals as a midfielder and has previously played for West Ham. He made a strange decision when he moved to Manchester City, but everyone forgot about it.

Frank Lamard played a total of 609 games in the strongest competition 2.Ryan Giggs Probably the most popular name on this list, someone who is synonymous with the English Premier League and someone who has won 13 titles with Manchester United.

He is known for his loyalty and loyalty to the club, and it is amazing what success he has achieved as a player. A total of 36 trophies and 632 games speak for themselves. 1.Gareth Barry Are you surprised by the first place? It was strange for us too.

Not because Gareth Barry isn’t quality (far from it), but because we forgot about him. Gareth Barry made his debut back in 1997, at just 17 years old! 25 years ago! He spent most of his career at Aston Villa, before joining Manchester City in 2009 with which he won several titles. He played a total of 653 matches!

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