Mason Greenwood's girlfriend accused him of domestic violence!

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Mason Greenwood's girlfriend accused him of domestic violence!

Mason Greenwood's girlfriend accused the famous football player of violence, and she showed her followers on social networks the blood and bruises that she claims are a consequence of his behavior. Harriet Robson decided to go public and, as she says, show everyone what Mason Greenwood is like.

The young English striker could find himself in big trouble if these accusations are proven since Harriet photographed bruises all over her body, as well as the blood running down her face! "For all those who want to know what Mason Greenwood did to me," Harriet wrote next to the video, and then hung a few photos showing where she got all the blows.

These are the injuries that Harriet showed to her companions: Also, on the audio recordings that Harriet noticed, you can hear Mason forcing her to have ses, even though she refused it several times. The young football player did not want to hear no as an answer, and that could be the key proof that he inflicted physical injuries on his now ex-girlfriend.

Mason Greenwood and his career

Scandalous behavior that must be punished ... First by club suspension, and then in court. It will probably go that way, but let's wait We remind you that Mason Greenwood (20) is one of the most talented players of Manchester United and the England national team.

He has shown many times that he has a great career ahead of him He already has 130 matches in the senior team of the club from Old Trafford, and he also made his debut for the senior selection, from which he was once expelled due to a scandal he made with a teammate.

Such a young rising player does not need things like this and it is really sad how he treated his girlfriend. But of course, we do not want to prejudge anything, we still have to see what the court and the police will say, and then come to a final conclusion.