"Eriksen? Getting back to playing can be a risk," said cardiologist

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"Eriksen? Getting back to playing can be a risk," said cardiologist

Christian Eriksen has gained the fitness to return to football after the cardiac arrest he suffered during Euro 2021, and will now play in the Premier League with Brentford. The famous Italian cardiologist Bruno Carù spoke about the risks that the Danish player could incur.

He said: "In Italy he will not find anyone who will give him a competitive qualification to play football. Playing soccer with an automatic defibrillator is a problem and is risky. It would be better not to do it because, especially for contact sports, he could suffer a trauma the device and break.

If he kicks the machine, it falls apart and it is useless to have it put. He takes quite serious risks because football is a contact sport. If he did another sport, swimming for example, he would not He would have the same problems.

Compared to Eriksen, that was a different situation: Kanu had had a congenital aspiration of the aortic valve that had been repaired and plasticized in Cleveland in a wonderful way, but not changed. And in fact, after the surgery the Nigerian he resumed playing.

What happened to Eriksen at Euro 2021

After suffering cardiac arrest in the opening match of Euro 2020 on 12 June last year, Christian Eriksen is close to returning to the field. Having terminated the contract with Inter due to the subcutaneous heart defibrillator, which prevented him from obtaining eligibility to play in Italy, the Danish midfielder has passed all the necessary medical checks with Brentford and is ready to sign a contract for the next few 6 months with the Premier League club.

Called up for the 2020 European championship, postponed to summer 2021 due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, in the 43rd minute of the first Group B match of the tournament, held on 12 June 2021 in Copenhagen against Finland, he is the victim of a cardiac arrest, collapsing to the ground unconscious.

After regaining consciousness thanks to the help provided in the field by the health staff, he is transferred to hospital. The game is suspended to resume less than two hours later, with the news that his conditions are stable, and end with a 1-0 victory for the Finns.