Why doesn't Cristiano Ronaldo have a tattoo? The Portuguese explained it!

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Why doesn't Cristiano Ronaldo have a tattoo? The Portuguese explained it!

There is an eternal debate about who is a better footballer and who has left more of a mark as far as the most important sideline in the world is concerned. Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. One thing is for sure, Ronaldo leaves no one indifferent.

Some love him, others not, and all because of his great self-confidence and sometimes, some will say, arrogant behavior. However, Ronaldo broke the prejudice off the field. Business Insider writes that Ronaldo was named the biggest philanthropist in the world of sports in 2015.

Among some of his most prominent charitable actions is the auction at which he sold a replica of the 2013 Golden Ball for 600,000 euros. The auction was hosted by the Make-A-Wish Foundation in London. He financed the construction of a pediatric hospital in Chile and is an ambassador for numerous world charities.

The Portuguese also funded the hospital treatment of a 9-year-old fan suffering from cancer.

Cristiano Ronaldo and tattoos: Explanation

However, that is not the end. Ronaldo has no tattoos on his body for extremely humane reasons.

Athletes are covered in tattoos today, and Ronaldo decided to leave that part out in the world of luxury. In an earlier interview with Italian Diretta, Ronaldo pointed out that "there are no tattoos so he can donate blood regularly".

Blood can be donated by those who are tattooed, but at least four months after the last tattoo, and usually at intervals of half a year to a year. Ronaldo decided to start donating blood after the son of his representative colleague, Carlos Martins, was diagnosed with a very rare blood disease.

In addition, Ronaldo once donated bone marrow. "I did it many years ago and if I had to do it again, I would do the same. It is a serious illness for many children and we need to help them. The process is simple and after it you feel happy, because you know you helped another person, "Ronaldo once said.