Gary Neville reveals what is going on in the Manchester United locker room!

"They set PR teams, managers, marketing teams to protect their players"

by Sead Dedovic
Gary Neville reveals what is going on in the Manchester United locker room!

The Manchester United players are not playing at all as expected of them and the question is what will happen if they continue like this. Garry Neville, a former United player, is not happy with the atmosphere inside the team Neville points out: the disgusting behavior of United stars.

"I remember when I first came to Sky and we were broadcasting the Champions League game, I traveled to Naples, Chelsea played. Andre Villas-Boas was the coach and left out of the team Frank Lampard, Michael Essien, Ashley Cole…" "Four or five important players.

I remember that we sat down to lunch and that the members of our team received messages, news from the locker room, they belittled the coach. I sat there thinking, "Is this really happening?" Neville wondered. He couldn't believe what was going on at such a serious club "Players' managers and PR teams informed the media about everything that is happening at the club.

When I first saw it, it really upset me." "Now it is happening at Manchester United. They set PR teams, managers, marketing teams to protect their players. But what they do not understand is that when they give such information to the media, the media then come to us.

So we know who they are. We don't like it, but we know who they are. "

Garry Neville on the situation

It has spread that Manchester United players are calling Rangnick's associate by strange names "It's disrespectful!" It's not funny at all to describe Rangnick's number two as Ted Lasso.

That's disgusting. And that's exactly what I think about those players. They have no respect." "If I were Ralf Rangnick, I would draw strength from that, because I don't want to be on the same side with players who release such stories to the public." "We are not going to push those people under the bus now because we have that journalistic respect, but United is now like Chelsea in those years." Neville believes the club should ask for the name of the coach "I don't like those words: 'Players want this coach.'

Let them do their job. Properly. If Pochettino is the choice of the club's management, let it be him." "But they should not listen to the players. They have their own PR machines: managers, social networks, they have been active for months. And they look out for each other all the time. Nonsense."

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