Leo Messi: Childhood, wife, children, net worth

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Leo Messi: Childhood, wife, children, net worth
Leo Messi: Childhood, wife, children, net worth (Provided by Financial World)

Leo Messi is one of the most famous personalities in the world of sports. The Argentine is considered the greatest footballer of all time, although some disagree, it must be admitted that Messi marked an era of football. What many are interested in is the private life of Leo Messi What is very interesting is that Messi and his current wife Antonella met as children, and their marriage began in 2017..

They met thanks to Antonella's cousin who is Messi's best friend. The Argentine, who started playing football as a teenager, told his current wife as a nine-year-old that he was in love with her. In fact, no one but people close to them knows when Messi and Antonella started their relationship because they are hiding their private lives from the public.

Antonella seems to be his biggest support and his biggest love, but she also sacrificed herself for Messi. Antonella decided to leave her studies and go to Barcelona to live with Messi

Antonella and Leo Messi marriage and kids

Antonella built a modeling career, which she then put in the background for raising her sons.

The couple got married in 2017 in Rosario, Argentina, and security made sure there were no uninvited guests. The public was thrilled that the couple donated leftover food from the wedding to charity. Although the couple does not talk about their private lives, at the same time they are happy to share family photos on Instagram where millions of them follow.

This couple has three children, and it is interesting that all three look like Messi. The first son, Thiago was born in 2012, Mateo was born in 2015, while Ciro was born in 2018. It seems that Thiago and Mateo are already showing talent for football and could go the same way as their father.

If they are approximately good, they will be top players Leo Messi's net worth is $ 600 million. He is currently the second highest-paid footballer after Cristiano Ronaldo.