Neymar expresses interest in playing in MLS

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Neymar expresses interest in playing in MLS

Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar has revealed he would like to play in the MLS before he retires. Speaking on a podcast, Neymar was asked if he would like to retire in Brazil. "I don't know. I have some doubts about that. I don't know if I'll play in Brazil again," Neymar said.

"I'd love to play in the U.S., actually. I'd love to play there at least for a season." The MLS has a specific format and Neymar is a fan of it. "First of all, their season is shorter, so I'd get three months' vacation" and then he said laughing that would mean "I'd play many more years."

Neymar, 30, plans to play at least a few more years

"I joke with my friends that I will retire when I'm 32," Neymar said.

"But it's just a joke. I don't know. Honestly, I will play until I'm mentally tired. If my mental health is ok and my body as well... Physically, I think I'll still last a few years. But my mental health is the most important thing.

My contract with Paris will last until I'm 34. So I'll be playing [at least] until then." Neymar noted that his absolute focus now is to help Paris win their first Champions League trophy. The PSG have a 1-0 advantage over Real Madrid in their round-of-16 tie.

"Now we're hoping to make history at Paris Saint-Germain," Neymar said. "We'll see what the future holds. We're working very hard. Of course, the team needs to gear up a little more. But we're hoping to make history winning against [Real] Madrid." Also, Neymar hopes to win his first World Cup title with Brazil this year in Qatar.

"We will go in search of the World Cup which is what everyone wants," Neymar said. "It would be a great honour to be the national team's greatest scorer and I would be lying if I said I don't think about it. Of course, that is one of my personal goals. I hope to achieve it. I do hope I can break Pele's record because he's an idol for everyone in Brazil."