Roy Keane reveals the best option for the new Manchester United coach

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Roy Keane reveals the best option for the new Manchester United coach

Manchester United drew with Atletico Madrid last night, and they seem to have a good chance at Old Trafford. Formerly a great player and Manchester captain, Roy Keane believe that United should go in search of a manager no matter how unrealistic some options are.

‘You go and get the manager you want. People say “Oh, somebody’s tied up with a club”. But if you really want a manager – and that’s what it’s like when you really want a player – you go and get him,’ the ex-United captain told The Daily Mirror.

‘Never mind making excuses saying he’s not available for two years. You pay fortunes for players, so why not a manager? ‘I don’t care who’s under contract; if you think he’s the right manager for Manchester United, well you go and get him.

‘You go and pay the money whoever it might be. They’ve got to go and get the right manager.’

Roy Keane on Simeone

Roy Keane believes that the best option for the next manager is Diego Simeone, who has achieved a lot of success with Atletico Madrid and turned them into a respectable club.

‘Maybe Simeone, he’s the right kind of character. ‘He’s having a difficult spell with Atletico. His race has maybe run with them. Simone, go and get him, he’s a big character. ‘He’s done great things.

He’s a great character, a big personality. He doesn’t mess around with players. Maybe someone like him coming into the club, could work. ‘It can soon change. I don’t think it’s all doom and gloom, there’s still good things going on at United, but they’ve got to get the manager.

‘If the manager is not right, then the rest will just fall apart.’ We will see what will happen by the end, but it seems that United is most interested in Pochettino, but also Ten Hag

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