Max Verstappen Shatters Record with Tenth Consecutive Win at Italian Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen Shatters Record with Tenth Consecutive Win at Italian Grand Prix
Max Verstappen Shatters Record with Tenth Consecutive Win at Italian Grand Prix © Getty Images Sport/Ryan Pierse

At the iconic Monza circuit, racing aficionados witnessed a blend of skill, strategy, and sheer tenacity. Max Verstappen, the prodigious talent from Red Bull Racing, has soared past yet another landmark in the annals of Formula 1 history.

With his triumphant performance at the Italian Grand Prix, he clinched his 10th consecutive victory, surpassing the previous record set by the legendary Sebastian Vettel.

Duel at Monza: A Chase to Remember

Sunday's high-octane battle saw Verstappen navigate past Ferrari’s pole-sitter, Carlos Sainz, in a chase that kept spectators on the edge of their seats.

This victory is not only a testament to Verstappen's driving prowess but also signifies his dominance since May's Miami Grand Prix, a streak that has remained unbroken. Reflecting on his historic win, a clearly elated Verstappen remarked, “I never would have believed [10 wins in a row] was possible, but we had to work for it today and that was definitely a lot more fun.

We had good pace, we were good on the tyres, but [Ferrari] had a lot of top speed”. Navigating the famous Monza straights and corners, Verstappen elucidated on his strategy, “It was so hard to get close and make the move into Turn 1.

I had to force [Sainz] into a mistake and luckily it came at some point where he locked up, and I had better traction out of Turn 2, which was good, so we could do my own race”.

Getty Images Sport/Ryan Pierse© Getty Images Sport/Ryan Pierse

A Masterclass in Patience and Precision

Verstappen's journey to this record hasn't been without challenges.

Highlighting the nail-biting moments of the race, he said, “I just tried to stay patient. It was still a very long race. I could see they were struggling a lot with the rear tyres, so I just had to pick my moment. Everything felt good [from that moment onwards].

We had to nurse a little issue at the end, but luckily we had the gap behind, so we could easily back off”. This win not only boosts Verstappen's individual tally but has profound implications in the championship standings.

He now leads by a mammoth 145 points over his nearest rival, Perez. Furthermore, Red Bull's dominance is evident, as they are now 310 points ahead of Mercedes, their fiercest competitors in the constructors' championship. As the F1 season hurtles forward, Verstappen's historic performance at Monza will remain a testament to his ever-growing legacy in the sport.

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