Luka Doncic's Explosive Ejection: High Drama in Canada's World Cup Triumph

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Luka Doncic's Explosive Ejection: High Drama in Canada's World Cup Triumph
Luka Doncic's Explosive Ejection: High Drama in Canada's World Cup Triumph © Getty Images Sport/Yong Teck Lim

In an intense battle on the basketball court, emotions ran high as Canada secured its position in the Basketball World Cup semifinals, edging out Slovenia 100-89. This significant victory not only underscored Canada's prowess on the court but also highlighted the dramatic incidents that characterized the match.

Doncic's Ejection Marks the Game's Climax

Slovenia's star player, Luka Doncic, found himself in the thick of controversy. Despite an impressive performance with 26 points, he was ejected from the game with just 6:37 remaining on the clock.

His dismissal came after receiving his second technical foul, both of which were the result of disputes with the referees over calls and non-calls. Speaking about the situation, Doncic expressed his feelings, saying, "Playing for the national team, it's a lot of emotions.

A lot of times I don't control myself, which I've been having problems with." He further added that he felt certain calls were unfair. "I know I complained a lot, but I don't think it's fair. They've been playing very physical with me, but if you say that, it's not fair." However, the Slovenian wasn't the only player to leave the court early.

Dillon Brooks of Canada also saw a premature exit, being ejected shortly before Doncic due to a technical foul.

Canada's Triumph on the Court

With the stage set for a thrilling contest, Canada stole the spotlight by igniting a 19-5 run at the beginning of the third quarter, maintaining their lead from then on.

Their dominance was evident in their free throw tally, attempting 33 free throws to Slovenia's 19. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, who netted a commendable 31 points for Canada, commented on their semifinal berth, "It's an honor in itself.

But we're not satisfied." Meanwhile, RJ Barrett chipped in with 24 points, further strengthening Canada's offense. With this victory, the team is set to face off against Serbia in the upcoming semifinals. On the other side, the U.S.

and Germany are prepped to engage in their own duel. The triumphant teams from these encounters will then head into the grand finale, contending for the World Cup title on Sunday night.

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