Erik ten Hag: Team and individuals have to step up, definitely


Erik ten Hag: Team and individuals have to step up, definitely
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Manchester United failed to beat Brighton. Erik Ten Hag is frustrated, especially considering the first half and the fact that United was better. However, in football, the better team doesn't always win, and we saw that in this match.

The Dutchman believes that the team must recover from this defeat and focus on the next challenges. “We are disappointed and that’s normal,” he said, as quoted by! “Especially when the game was head-to-head, with such small margins.
In the first half, we created a lot of chances but we didn’t score.

In the dressing room, you think ‘How is it possible?’ But that’s the way it was and you have to deal with it”.

Erik ten Hag on his team

His team has been conceding a lot of goals lately. Defensively, United is far from a team that is fighting for the top 4.

Erik ten Hag is aware that most have to improve their game, but looking at the group, it is necessary that they do better things. The Dutchman, on the other hand, is satisfied with the chances created, although most of them were not converted into goals.

“We have to improve that. There are things from the team and individuals who have to step up, definitely.
But sometimes you are in bad periods where we are now, and you have to face that. You have to deal with that, and in this moment we don’t deal that well with it.

We have to show determination and resilience in defence.
We have to keep going, keep positive in these moments and stick together. [We learnt] many things from the game. On the mental side where we can keep strong in such moments, but I have seen some good stuff.
For instance, the way we created the chances, there were many, but we were just not finishing them”.

Erik Ten Hag