Max Verstappen: Red Bull's Streak Ends with Singapore Misfortune

Red Bull's renowned winning streak was halted at the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix

by Faruk Imamovic
Max Verstappen: Red Bull's Streak Ends with Singapore Misfortune
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Red Bull's renowned winning streak was halted at the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix. The dynamic duo of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, despite their formidable track records, faced unforeseen challenges that dented their aspirations for victory.

Verstappen, starting at the P11 position, made a commendable recovery to finish fifth, while Perez moved from the 13th position to finish eighth.

A Shock in Qualifying

The Formula 1 community watched in astonishment as both Red Bulls failed to advance beyond Q2 during the qualifiers.

The notoriously demanding street circuit of Singapore proved a difficult terrain for the team, catching many off guard. Verstappen reflected on the race's progression, noting the interventions of both the Safety Car and the Virtual Safety Car due to separate incidents.

"I had quite a bit of fun out there but two times the Safety Car didn’t help us," he lamented. These interventions, unfortunately timed for Red Bull, were a result of mishaps involving Logan Sargeant and Esteban Ocon.

Expanding on his race strategy, Verstappen said, “We went on the alternate strategy and then you need to hope that it all works in your favour. Today I think it didn’t, but that happens sometimes”. Yet, he seemed optimistic about the car's performance, asserting that the vehicle felt better during the race.

In response to queries about the team's performance in Singapore, Verstappen expressed optimism about the upcoming race. "I think we'll be quick in Suzuka… We really have to understand this weekend, but Suzuka is of course a completely different track layout,” he commented.

Perez Faces Stewards' Scrutiny

Adding to Red Bull's challenges in Singapore, Sergio Perez faced an inquiry from the stewards for two incidents involving Alex Albon. One was an alleged overtake during the VSC, while the other concerned an on-track collision.

After presenting his version of events, Perez received a five-second time penalty, which did not affect his P8 finish. However, he also earned a penalty point. Commenting on his race day, Perez remarked, “Not a nice day for us.

It was quite difficult, quite tricky." On the incident with Albon, he added, “With the Alex [collision] incident, I think nothing there, a racing incident." He further elucidated on the confusion under the Safety Car, expressing his eagerness to move on and look forward to the Japan Grand Prix.

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